Apartments2book FAQ's

What does provide? provides a simple solution to search for serviced apartment accommodation from a superb choice of major International cities without going through hundreds of website's. We aim to offer a personal and efficient service gained from having visited the cities we promote. In fact we find that many of our clients come back to us year after year and much of our new business is through referrals from our existing clientele.

What is the difference between a hotel and a serviced apartment?
Serviced apartments offer spacious, fully furnished apartments with a self catering kitchen or kitchenette facility, much larger than hotel rooms featuring a genuine more home-like residential character apartment.

What is the difference between a serviced apartment and an non serviced apartment ?
The serviced apartment is a building of apartments that's often run on the same lines as a hotel. The apart hotel would have day or 24 hour reception but would not usually have hotel porters. There is also housekeeping service between 1 and 5 days per week The non serviced apartments are generally owned by private owners given to a management company so tend to have a more individual style and character but do not have the usual apart hotel facilities explained above, but may on occasions have once a week housekeeping service.

How accurate is the information?
All information on apartments2book concerning property descriptions comes from the properties themselves, and we update the descriptions as often as we receive changes from individual properties. The same goes for the apartment prices contained on our website. We make every attempt to keep information as up-to- date and accurate as possible. However, we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in our pages, Exact guaranteed prices are always given at the time the booking and once confirmed, you will receive written confirmation of the reservation by E Mail or fax.

How do I make reservations?
Step 1 Select the country you are interested in. Choose the location where you want to stay and the standard of apartment you require by clicking on the drop-down boxes.
Step 2 Browse the selection of suitable properties from our portfolio.
Step 3 View full details for our properties.
Step 4 Complete your details on the Enquiry Form ( NO OBLIGATION ENQUIRY ) or Booking Form (SECURE SERVER)
If you are at the enquiry stage you will receive several options with guaranteed prices for you to consider with links back to our web site to more detailed information.
When you are ready TO BOOK, the form will be processed by our reservations team and an email confirmation of the booking dates and cost will be emailed to the address provided.

What happens if I have a problem/complaint on arrival?
Any complaints must be brought to the attention of the accommodation management immediately so they have every opportunity to try and resolve the problem there and then. If the problem is not resolved, please contact our Company to report the complaint. In the unlikely event of the problem still remaining, please ensure you get a signed note / letter from the property with details of your complaint. If you fail to follow this procedure we can not be held responsible, as some properties will refuse to deal with any complaints that have not been notified while staying at the property. If the matter can not be resolved at the property and you are still dissatisfied, a letter of complaint needs to be received by us within 7 days of your return and we will reply in writing within 28 days of receipt.

When my flight is early, can I have early occupation of the apartment?
This is unlikely and there's no guarantee of early occupancy unless you book the night before your arrival date. In this case you can arrive as early as you like as you will have paid for the apartment and no other guests will be checking out that morning GUARANTEED EARLY OCCUPANCY IS A DEFINITE NO - NO UNLESS PRE-BOOKED

What happens if I have a late flight and would like to stay longer in the apartment?
Again, this is another definite NO. If you wish to ensure that the apartment is available after departure time, the apartment must be booked an extra night. In most cases the apartments are booked back to back and they have to be thoroughly cleaned and ready for the next guest.

Can I extend my stay?
Only if the apartment is available on the dates that you want to extend. Please check with reservations for availabilities.

Is my credit card number and personal information secure?
Yes, your credit card and personal information are secure with SSL technology as all the details are encrypted.

If I have a question about my reservation, who do I contact and how?
Please email us or call our Company.

When I make a reservation, will my credit card be charged?
Your credit card is charged ONLY when we can confirm your booking request.
By including your credit card details in the booking request you authorize our Company to confirm your booking as soon as possible ( subject to availability ) and process the appropriate deposit / payment as required.

How will I know when I am confirmed?
Usually within 24 hours but in some cases can be 2-3 days according to time difference in respect of the city you are booking and if over a weekend as some of the property reservations are not open.
All our bookings are confirmed in writing by E Mail or fax.

Am I charged in Pounds or foreign currency?
All deposits and pre payments are charged by our Company.
As our Company is based in London, the amounts in respect of your booking will be converted back to Sterling to be processed with any remaining balance settled directly with the property on arrival in the local currency, unless otherwise stated in your booking confirmation i.e. sometimes the remaining balance is processed by the property before you actually arrive.

What is the " Cancellation " policy?
The cancellation policy varies according to property, but in any case will de detailed in your booking confirmation. Mostly, the policies are very similar to hotel policies. However, please keep in mind that apartment properties do not oversell their inventory and many are small, and are unable to re book " space " as quickly as a large hotel.

Is a security deposit required?
Yes, generally apartments will take a credit card imprint to protect themselves against unforeseen damage to the property, and to cover incidental charges. This is no different than the credit card imprint taken by any hotel at check-in. These funds are either never charged (if no damage is done and no incidentals are purchased) or refunded less the cost of damage/incidentals at the end of the guests' stay. Our service is FREE
So you are under no obligation to follow our advice or recommendation. Serviced Apartments is our business.
Please Note: Availabilities change on a daily basis, so we can only guarantee your reservation once we are in receipt of your credit card details for the deposit and or the full prepayment detailed to you in our offer. All reservations will be confirmed according to the terms relating to the appropriate apartment complex including their deposit and cancellation policy.

How many people can sleep in an apartment?
This depends on the type of apartment booked. When you choose your apartment online, it will show the maximum number of people allowed in the apartment of your choice. In some cases an extra bed can be provided, or a cot for a baby. A small additional charge may apply for this. If you are not sure what type of apartment you should book for the number of people in your party, please contact our Reservations Team prior to booking the apartment. Alternatively you can request an extra bed or a cot in the comments section of your online booking form.

How about linen and towels?
The initial linen and towels are included and available on arrival and could be changed once or twice a week according to the specific property.

Do you supply soap, toilet paper and other in the apartment?
Most of the apart hotels supply toilet paper and complimentary soap on arrival and then clients do their own purchases or the apartment is restocked when serviced. As for the non serviced apartments, toilet paper should be available on arrival. Clients are advised to do their purchases soon after arrival at the accommodation. Soap is not usually supplied.

What about collecting keys for the apartment?
Most apartments have some front desk reception / doorman facility or 24 hour Caretaker, but if you book a non serviced apartment and will be arriving late or a weekend arrival, special arrangements need to be made ahead of time and full arrival details are required.